Scope of activity



Our field of activity is mainly centred on sectors with a high dependency on the raw material in its production process, such as the ceramic industry, mining and agriculture.

Ceramic companies


We help to reduce dependency on strategic minerals.


We guarantee the long-term supply of the mineral through an integrated service ranging from the search, evaluation and reconciliation of the intervening parties in the deposits to delivery in the factory in optimal conditions.

Mining Industry


Within the mining and industrial mineral fields, we manage and consolidate the deposit required by the customer and promote communication with the social groups of his surroundings and environment.

Agriculture sector


AYA offers its collaboration with the agriculture sector to alleviate the pressure encountered by guaranteeing the industrial minerals which are necessary in the process (nitrates, magnesite, carbonates, special clays….).


We formulate an action plan for the provision of the required minerals by means of an integrated service in the country where his project will be carried out.