Guaranteeing the resources

Professional services

Guaranteeing the resources

In addition to the management of the project, we work to open up ways of successfully carrying out every customer’s project through mediation.


With the aim of guaranteeing the supply of mineral resources, we analyse the social sensitivity and implications of the project, establishing a fluid dialogue with the socio-political environment and promoting mediation among the interested parties.


Once the project is set up, we maintain a fluid communication between all parties to consolidate its sustainability through time.


We analyse the following aspects to guarantee supply:




Socio-political environment


Idiosyncrasies of the country, region or municipality.

Environmental and social sensitivity towards the project.

Composition of local political groups, authorities, their powers and responsibilities.

Attitude of politicians towards the project, their prejudices and limitations.

Associations and social groups with influence over project.

Social suitability


Characteristics of the land ownership.

Social sensitivity towards the project

Obligations and expectations

Agreements and contracts


Expertise of personnel


Negotiation and mediation


Management/ handling of owners

Strategic alliances





Means of communication between suppliers and customers


Storage and distribution